Eagle Article: “Pray for Bicycle Bob’s Recovery”

In a recent article, The Wichita Eagle writes of motorist Demauria M. Stephens, who hit Robert “Bicycle Bob” Hughes on July 24. Hughes is still suffering from his injuries, and everyone is asked to continue to pray for his speedy recovery and that this not happen to anyone else. Stephens is apparently set to attend a hearing to determine if his case will go to trial. Click HERE to read the article.

You may be wondering, “What can I do to help prevent this from happening?” Stay tuned to BWA-W for more information as we assist other statewide cycling groups and advocates in educating the public and our legislative body as to the problems with our current cycling and motorist laws. Kansas Safe Cycling was created to lead the way on this important task. We want to protect cyclists like Bicycle Bob and Diego Ballesteros, and everyone else that rightfully uses the streets on their bicycles.