Feb. Meeting Minutes Posted

Friends, below is a re-cap of our February 16, 2012 BWA meeting. Please feel free to email us at bwawichita@gmail.com for questions about this meeting or other info. You may CLICK HERE to download a PDF of the report.

Attendance:  Nancy, Barry, Andy, Jack, Mike, Alec, Charli, Larry & Melinda

Midtown Historic Clean-up:  3rd Sunday of the month @ 2 pm/meet at 13th & Market

BWA Fundraiser:  Thursday, March 8th @ 7 pm/Murdock Theater

– Good response from sponsors
–  KMUW is media sponsor
–  Volunteers need to report by 7 pm [for assignments]
–  BWA t-shirts $12 per shirt will be for sale
–  Andy will emcee [Barry will assist]
–  Jack, Melinda & Nancy: ticket sales
–  Larry & Barry ]t-shirt sales]
–  Will have raffles for movie tickets & DVD
–  Booths for organizations
–  Members were encouraged to promote the fundraiser and sell tickets.

Share the Road Signs:  Bicycle Pedaler purchased signs with their logo; gave some to give away.

Cecile Kellenbarger Award:  Will be announced & nominations sought

Quarterly Potluck & Fundraiser:  Organizations can make a pitch for a micro grant

Better Block Event [part of Master Bike Plan]:  Friday, February 17th /City Hall [4:30 – 6 pm]

Bicycle Rodeo – Downtown Augusta:  Saturday, March 17th [convene around 10 am/assist with events] – contact Larry & Melinda for details

Renewed Membership with ‘PeoplePoweredMovement’ – $100:  Donation from Midtown Association

Next Meeting:  March 15th /6:30 pm in Old Town/City Arts Bldg/ 2nd floor – Bd. Room

Thanks to everyone for their efforts to promote walking, running and bicycling in Wichita