FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 2012 Cecile Kellenbarger Community Volunteer Award, Ruth Holliday


Andrew Gough
The BikeWalk Alliance-Wichita

Ruth Holliday receives 2012 Cecile Kellenbarger Community Volunteer Award

Wichita, Kansas, 05/08/2012  –   Ruth Holliday, bicycle advocate and volunteer extraordinaire, is the 2012 recipient of the BikeWalk Alliance-Wichita’s annual Cecile Kellenbarger Community Volunteer Award. Holliday is recognized for the tireless amounts of time and support she has given to multiple organizations in and around the Wichita area.  She has spent countless hours volunteering for organizations, including the Prairie Travelers, Oz Bicycle Club, the Greenway Alliance, and the Diego Ballesteros Benefit Fund.  Holliday’s dedication to making Wichita and the surrounding communities a safer place to ride, bike and walk qualifies her as recipient to the first ever Cecile Kellenbarger Community Volunteer Award.  The BikeWalk Alliance-Wichita wishes to congratulate Ruth Holliday.

About Cecile Kellenbarger

Cecile Kellenbarger was an outstanding member of the community.  Kellenbarger helped create the Prairie Travelers “Rails to Trails Conservancy” and was a founding member of the BikeWalk Alliance-Wichita.  She served on numerous committees supporting many different causes, including the Wichita River Festivals.  Kellenbarger had passion about life and about making a difference for others.  She could have easily ridden the Oz Bicycle Club’s annual “Wicked Wind 100” bike race, but instead chose to operate it.  And Kellenbarger didn’t just participate, she took control.  She was an organizer, a giver, and most of all, a great friend to many.  In April of 2011, Kellenbarger passed away after a short battle to cancer.  Cancer may have taken away a friend, but her spirit long lives in the hearts of many.  The effects of her generosity will forever be engraved in the community.

About the Award

The Cecile Kellenbarger Community Volunteer Award is given annually to a recipient who possess the same qualities and characteristics as the award’s namesake, Cecile Kellenbarger.  Qualified candidates make an impact on their community by expressing outstanding volunteerism capabilities, and by sharing the same vision of the BikeWalk Alliance-Wichita: Wichita and the surrounding community will value cyclists, runners and walkers, and create safer places for both recreation and active transportation.  The BikeWalk Alliance-Wichita identifies deserving members of the community through a nomination process, whereby a committee chooses a single recipient to honor each year.

About The BikeWalk Alliance-Wichita

The BikeWalk Alliance-Wichita was formed in 2010 to promote active transportation through advocacy, public education and collaboration in Wichita, KS and the surrounding community.  The BWA’s vision is for Wichita to value bicyclists, runners and walkers, and create safer places for both recreation and active transportation.   The BWA is organized and operated 100% by volunteers.