Pedestrian Master Plan


• Wednesday, September 11th – Pedestrian Facility Design Training
8:00 am – 4:30 pm
Wichita City Hall (455 N. Main St), 1st Floor Board Room

This is your opportunity to learn about and to discuss successful pedestrian design solutions – including: sidewalk design, crosswalk placement, intersection geometry, signal timing, road diets and other traffic management measures. Participants will learn effective solutions and best practices in design and operations for pedestrian safety. Also touched on will be common pedestrian crash types, human behavior related to safe pedestrian/motor vehicle interaction; and the significance of land-use, connectivity and site design in helping to make a safer pedestrian environment.

• Thursday, September 12th – Pedestrian Master Plan Open House Event
5 pm – 8 pm
Wichita City Hall (455 N. Main St), 1st Floor Board Room

This open house event will be a come-and-go format event, with stations for participants to provide input on many topics – including the following: the draft community vision, types of improvements needed, and locations for future improvements. This is an exciting and fun event, with opportunities for individuals to draw on maps, vote using sticky dots, and ask questions.

• Pedestrian Master Plan Survey – Online

This is an opportunity for people to provide input related to walking in Wichita. The input collected through this survey will be provided to you and the other Steering Committee members; and to the Technical Advisory Committee. It will provide insights that will be useful for the development of the Plan.

• Online Map
The online map is an opportunity for people to identify places where they frequently walk, destinations that they walk to, difficult crossings, missing sidewalks, and other things that impact their experience walking in Wichita. They can also comment on input others have already added on the map. The input collected through the map system will help ensure that the plan recommendations meet the needs of our community.

You can find the latest information about the Wichita Pedestrian Master Plan on the project webpage (link below).

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