Community Cleanup

Join us in getting the city ready for a fantastic spring and summer! There are so many great things going on for people walking or bicycling, we want to make sure our community is clean and ready for company!

Its a big job so we’re asking groups of all kinds to pitch in and do a little (or big) bit where they are. If each of us cleans up our area the sum total will be a sparkling community where we enjoy biking and walking, and not worrying about slipping on the sand.

Its easy to sign up, and you can do the cleanup on your own terms – when you want to, how big an area, what do you call clean. It might be simply picking up trash down at the corner, sweeping a stretch of bike path, or cleaning up along the river downtown.

If you don’t want to sign up your own group you can join in one of the groups already signed up. You can locate a group on the signup page, below the form is a map showing all the community clean ups registered, with contact info, date and time, as well as location.

Together, each of us doing our own small part, we can make a big difference. Join in!

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