Take 5 minutes now to support the Prairie Sunset Trail expansion

Take 5 minutes now to support the Prairie Sunset Trail expansion – contact your County Commissioners!

Our friends, the Prairie Travelers, will be presenting an agreement to the Sedgwick County Commissioners tomorrow, July 22nd, for expansion of the Prairie Sunset Trail! Prairie Travelers is proposing an expansion of the trail between 119th & 135th Streets (owned by Sedgwick County) and is seeking approval from the Commission.

Please take a moment today to call or email Commissioners in support of the Prairie Sunset Trail agreement. No funding is being requested.

Commissioner’s Voicemail: 316-660-9300

Chairman Ranzau: richard.ranzau@sedgwick.gov
Commissioner Peterjohn: karl.peterjohn@sedgwick.gov
Commissioner Howell: jim.howell@sedgwick.gov
Commissioner Norton: tim.norton@sedgwick.gov
Commissioner Unruh: Dave.Unruh@sedgwick.gov

Additionally, please ask our Commissioners to maintain the MAPD (Metropolitan Area Planning Dept) funding to continue bicycle and pedestrian improvement projects. This funding helps support Scott Wadle’s position, along with other staff and related projects that are vital to our quality of life!

Sedgwick County needs to maintain the MAPD agreement with the City of Wichita to ensure infrastructure projects and street guidance occurs throughout Sedgwick County and will benefit all residents of Sedgwick County.

Please thank the County Commissioners for supporting the Aviation Pathway that will provide a safer route between Derby and Wichita (April 2015).

Thank you for advocating for a better community. It takes all of our voices!
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