ReCycle is really helping people!

ReCycle @ Bike Walk Wichita is really helping people! This program is starting to kick into gear this summer. We’ve updated our work space and so now have enough room to handle up to 10 volunteers at a time. We’ve ReCycled bikes for IRC (International Rescue Committee), school kids, working folks – both earn a bike and straight donations, along with lots of repairs. Several of our volunteers have been able to work on their own bikes at the end of our work sessions.

More directly, the volunteers themselves have been helped. I’ve seen tears two times in two weeks! One of our new volunteers hadn’t been able to ride her bike for years, its been in storage, out of repair. She fixed it up and took it for a test ride, returning with tears streaming down her face! Another of our friends hasn’t been able to ride his trike for a while, living in a motel room he has no place to keep it. We’ve been storing it at our HQ for him. He came by on Saturday and took it for a spin. He was so grateful for the service we were able to offer him, a place to keep his bulky trike, and for that joy we all feel when we get rolling on our bikes.

Those moments make this work feel truly valuable.

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