Get out and ride!

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  1. Ed Reply

    Cheney Lake has a five mile dirt trail you can ride along on. Not a technical stretch, but fun, fast, and flowy. Plus, if and when the water level is down a bit more than it is currently, and if you have the proper bike for it, you can make your way back along the gravelly and sandy shoreline! In winter (when the water is lower than it is now), you can go back south all the way to the marina that way. I have a Salsa Mukluk, so that’s the perfect vehicle for that sort of exploration. But even without such a bike, a mountain bike with 2+ inch tires (or even something like a 28 X 700c tire) can generally ride the trails out there. They have mowed several newer trails recently, and so there’s a lot of different options. Take a lunch out there, ride, and set by the waters edge and take in the silence. A great place to watch waterfowl and other birds too! Not too far of a drive, either.

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