Education Team Gearing Up for a Great Opportunity!

BWW’s Education Team has been around for about 18 months, so far we’ve hosted more than 65 classes with the community!

He’s got a new bike!

Personally, my favorite classes to teach are with the IRC (International Rescue Committee), a non-profit that helps refugees from around the world make a successful start here. We offer a basic bike safety class, as well as provide them with a ReCycled bike, helmet, lock, and light. Participants practice safety maneuvers and finish with a bike ride on Wichita’s great new bike infrastructure. The confidence and smiles on everyone’s faces is priceless! *Especially when they get to ride to work on Monday morning instead of walking for miles!

We also offer classes, workshops, and discussions on a variety of topics from beginner to advanced bike safety, maintenance, commuting, training and nutrition, yoga, bike-packing for women, DIY panniers and trailer build. I’m proud of how we’ve been able to respond to the community in our class offerings.

What makes all of this possible?

About two years ago we were able to offer instructor scholarships to the League of American Bicyclists’ certification training to several of our team members. This is not cheap – it costs $350 per instructor. But, there are many benefits including insurance coverage and access to LAB curriculum and materials, so it is essential. Bike Walk Wichita will be hosting a region-wide LCI training session August 4-6, 2017. Frankly, we need help from the community. We’d like to offer several scholarships to people interested in becoming an LCI. Consider sharing a gift of any amount to help us improve biking and walking in our community.

$350 will pay to certify one new instructor, but even $25 will cover printing costs for six months! Help us make the streets and paths in Wichita safer for everyone!

Have ideas or want to get involved? Comment or contact us! The Education Team is comprised of Cycling Instructors and individuals with a wide variety of skills. Everyone welcome!

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  1. Hadley Crabtree Reply

    When is the next available maintenance class going to be made available? I’m needing to learn how to tune my bicycle
    and know how to get my gears to change easily.

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