KS Distracted Driving Senate Bill 274

The KS Senate Transportation Committee will be meeting THIS Tuesday, Jan 30th to discuss proposed SB 274 which will expand the current distracted driving law to include ANY distracted action. It also allows for a penalty to be given without a collision.

Bike Walk Wichita will be providing testimony in support of this bill. Please voice your input!

Talking Point (please add your story): Negligent driving is bad for all road users. Everyone is vulnerable at this point, but as a person who rides a bicycle, it’s particularly dangerous when those entrusted with the responsibility to drive a car aren’t focused on driving.

Email or Call by Monday 5pm:

Chairman: Mike Petersen- Wichita  Mike.Petersen@senate.ks.gov 785-296- 7355
Vice Chair: John Doll- Garden City  John.Doll@senate.ks.gov 785-296- 7694
Ranking Minority Member: Pat Pettey- Kansas City  Pat.Pettey@senate.ks.gov 785-296- 7375
Steve Fitzgerald- Leavenworth
Steve.Fitzgerald@senate.ks.gov 785-296- 7357
Dan Goddard- Parsons
Dan.Goddard@senate.ks.gov 785-296- 7742
Randall Hardy- Salina
Randall.Hardy@senate.ks.gov 785-296- 7369
Tom Hawk- Manhattan
tom@tomhawk.com 785-296- 7360
Richard Hilderbrand- Galena
Richard.Hilderbrand@senate.ks.gov 785-296- 7370
Vicki Schmidt- Topeka
Vicki.Schmidt@senate.ks.gov 785-296- 7374
John Skubal- Overland Park
John.Skubal@senate.ks.gov 785-296- 7301
Caryn Tyson- Parker
Caryn.Tyson@senate.ks.gov 785-296- 6838

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