Bicycle Master Plan Projects – 2015

Follow along with the progress of our Bicycle Master Plan! Share your photos with us!

Here’s the city’s link to the projects in progress for 2015

2015 Projects:

You can email photos to, put tags: “Bicycle Master Plan 2015” in the subject line and a description of the photo as the message body. We’ll review the photos and add them to the gallery.

You can also support Bike Walk Wichita by making a tax-deductible donation and volunteering at Bike Walk Wichita activities.

3 comments on “Bicycle Master Plan Projects – 2015”

  1. bho Reply

    I’m concerned why the city of Wichita has chosen to molest the downtown street areas with painted stripes and some type of weird green go / no go markings that appear to be for bicycle use only? Has there been a real need or study performed that would warrant the wasteful cost and loss of allowing motorist the primary safe use of the streets or was this a left over pork funding project from previous budgets? Seems like a whole lot of waste just to please the rich 1 % whom only have a few bicycles.

  2. jack Reply

    Please check out the City of Wichita’s Master Bicycle Plan. Details can be found here:

    You clearly do not have correct facts about the projects that are being done around the city. Many of our friends and neighbors ride their bikes around town for basic transportation. I, along with many other people who ride in the city, could not be classified as “rich” in any meaningful way. Very little public money has been spent on these projects – all of the bicycle and pedestrian projects use less than 1% of the budget, though people who bike do pay taxes just like people who drive. Gas taxes are state money, and actually provide for only a fraction of the costs of building roads and bridges. A mile of roadway construction would pay for all of the paint used around town many times over. And if you don’t know what the road markings are, please refrain from driving until you can pass the drivers test and share our roads safely!

  3. Jack Murphy Reply

    The Wichita Area Municipal Planning Organization documented in September 2015 that since 2012, bicycling and walking in Wichita increased by 45%(  Yes, bicyclists and walkers need safe transportation.  As for income, according to  “The Census Bureau divides its data on how people get to work by income groups…Nationally and in cities across Sun Belt, the bulk of those who bike to work – based on our best available data – are low-income people. Nationwide, 49 percent of people in the cycling category earn less than $25,000 per year. In Houston, the figure is closer to 42 percent.

    “And more than 40 percent of commuters in the cyclist community living in Austin, Dallas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and San Antonio earn less than $25,000 per year.”

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