Bike Skills Classes

Cycling Classes

Bike Walk Wichita offers a variety of classes (Introduction to Bicycling in Wichita, Ready to Roll, Confident City Cyclist, Commuter, Long Distance Cycling, ) to help anyone who would like to learn to ride a bike, or to become a more confident cyclist. These classes are part of the League of American Bicyclists Smart Cycling program and are taught by knowledgeable, certified instructors and designed to teach anyone to be safe, proficient cyclists. Whether a long-time commuter, an avid club rider, or haven’t ridden in years, these fun, fact-filled courses are sure to increase knowledge, skill and confidence.

Strap Your Crap Workshop

June 18, 10am at Bike Walk Wichita, 131 S. Laura

$8.00, space limited to 12 adults (14 years+)

Learn how to make custom web straps for bike camping. Gotta be able to strap your crap to your bike!
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Introduction to Bicycling in Wichita

June 18, 1-4pm at Bike Walk Wichita, 131 S. Laura

$15.00, space limited to 10 adults (14 years+)

With all the new bike projects, you may not know about some of the best places to ride in Wichita. You’ve done the neighborhood, done the park, now where to ride? Learn how to take advantage of all the great bicycling resources in our city, as well as the basics of safe riding with certified instructors. After classroom instruction we’ll practice skills in our parking lot then go ride some of the best bike facilities in Wichita. Information about riding in Wichita and videos on safe riding can be found here.
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Long Distance Cycling ICT

Registration opens June 1! The 8-week session runs from June 25th – August 20th.

Location: Bike Walk Wichita, 131 S. Laura


This class will have you ready and confident for your long ride in just 8 short weeks!

Fee includes

  • 8 week program (June 25th—August 20)
  • The knowledge of certified cycling instructors
  • All materials
  • Access to training rides
  • An open forum to ask questions and share info.

You will learn

  • Proper nutrition and hydration
  • Speed intervals
  • Cross training
  • Bike fittings
  • Drafting
  • Climbing hills
  • Finding groups to ride with
  • Self SAG’ing and much more

Perfect for all levels but recommended that you can ride 15 miles comfortably. We’ll start at 15 miles and work up to 55 miles. Rides will be on Saturday mornings.

Fee: $39 (only $25 if you register for the 50k or 100k event at
To register for the training only ($39) check out using button below.

To register for a PedalFest event AND the training (cost of PedalFest event + $25 for this training): Register at (you’ll get the training discount this way!)

**instructors are certified through The League of American Bicyclists
Contact Shannon Welch at for information.

Ready to Roll – Basic Bike Maintenance

June 25th 1:00 to 3:00pm, at Bike Walk Wichita 131 S. Laura

$15.00, space limited to 12 adults

People are getting their bikes out of their garages and need to know they’re ready to roll. Join us for this Saturday afternoon session of Ready To Roll, a hands‐on course that will help you to be confident your bike is ready for riding. Participants are encouraged to bring their own bike as Bike Walk Wichita volunteers will guide them through an understanding of the basic systems of your bike including tires and wheels; brakes; drivetrain (chain, gears, derailleurs). You’ll know your bike is ready for riding, and that you’ll be able to fix a flat tire yourself!

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Confident City Cyclist

June 26, 1-5pm at Bike Walk Wichita, 131 S. Laura

$25.00, space limited to 8 adults (14 years+)

Riding in traffic is smooth when you’re prepared with the knowledge and skills to avoid potential conflicts. In this class, you’ll learn how to ride safely on the streets, how to be visible and predictable to motorists and how to best position yourself on the road. Even experienced cyclists might be surprised at how much they can learn about safe cycling. Students will take the classroom portion online at their own leisure and then spend four hours with certified cycling instructors practicing on the bike. We will have parking lot drills to practice bike handling skills and avoidance maneuvers, and then we’ll put it all together and practice it on the road. Materials for the online portion can be found here.
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Our classes include:

Confident City Cyclist – Transforming Cyclists into Experts

Confident City Cyclist (CCC) is designed to teach adult cyclists how to use a bicycle with confidence and competence for pleasure, utility and sport under various highway, climate, terrain, and traffic conditions. The class is organized into three levels:

  1. The Basics • The Bicycle • Maintenance • Clothing and Equipment • Bicycle Handling
  2. Bicycling in Traffic • Cyclists’ Role in Traffic • Avoiding Crashes • Hazard Avoidance Maneuvers
  3. Enjoying the Ride • Riding Enjoyment • Ride Etiquette • Helping Motorists Share the Road

Introduction to Bicycling in Wichita

Just getting the bike out and want to ride the new paths and bike lanes more confidently? This 3 hour class offers a more limited outline than Confident City Cyclist. It has 4 parts: Rules of the road, Basic bicycle safety, ABC Quick Check, Parking lot drills. After practicing some skills we can get out on some of the bike lanes and paths near Bike Walk Wichita, such as 1st and 2nd streets and the Redbud Trail.


This class is for adult cyclists who wish to explore the possibility of commuting to work or school by bike. This follow-up class to CCC covers topics including route selection, bicycle choice, dealing with cargo and clothing, bike parking, lighting, reflection, and foul weather riding.

Group Cycling

This class is for experienced cyclists who would like to go a on a group ride. Students should first be familiar with the techniques for riding predictably, on public roadways, as an individual – such skills as proper lane positioning and emergency bike handling. However, cycling in a group places added responsibilities on each cyclist, so all must understand and practice the principles of group riding. This class is designed to give students the principles of group riding.

Century Cycling ICT

Have you ever wanted to do a long ride but aren’t sure you have what it takes? Train side by side with one of our cycling instructors. This is a beginner training session so don’t worry if you don’t have very many miles on your bike yet! If you’re more advanced, feel free to join us as well. The ultimate goal is not to be first to cross the finish line, but to finish a Century Ride safely and with confidence. We’ll start with short riding sessions and build up to longer 70-80 mile rides. All rides and info will be posted to the Century Cycling ICT Facebook group. On the longer rides and on event day, we will have a personal SAG (Support & Gear) vehicle dedicated just to our group.

Basic Bike Maintenance Class

From fixing a flat to adjusting deraileurs, this class will give you a hands on opportunity to learn about your bike. We’ll cover what to carry with you to be prepared, as well as equipment and skills to help you avoid mishaps that can turn your ride into a hike-a-bike adventure!

Learn to Ride

Do you want to ride a bicycle with your kids, or for fun or fitness, but don’t know how? Learn the basic skills to ride a bike in a no-pressure environment with other adults. Must be at least 16 years old. Come to as many classes as necessary to learn. Bring your bike and helmet if you have them; bikes and helmets (which are required) can be supplied if you don’t have them.

Yoga for Cyclists

The slouched posture and repetitive nature of riding can take its toll on the body. Yoga is an essential performance tool for cyclists to be able to gain and maintain flexibility, core strength, balance, breathing efficiency and mental focus. Cyclists may be less prone to overuse injuries with adding yoga to their cross-training. All levels of experience are welcome. A professional yoga teacher will lead the class. The registration fee will be paid to cover the instructor’s fee and the remainder (if any) will be used as a donation to the Bike Walk Wichita “ReCycle” program (refurbishing bikes to be donated to people who need a bike!)

League-certified Cycling Instructor

The LCI training seminar focuses on teaching and demonstration techniques used with future students both on the road and in the classroom. The seminar emphasis is on how to teach bicycle safety and skills so as to provide increased comfort and confidence for new and returning bicyclists and youth.

For general information about the League of American Bicyclists and their education programs see:

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