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Phil Nelson Talk on Alternative Modes of Transportation – Jan 11th

DO YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT “ALTERNATIVE” TRANSPORTATION? The Wichita area EXPERT, Phil Nelson will answer your questions, such as • How are federal dollars allocated locally – highways vs streets vs bikepaths vs sidewalks. • Why don’t we have more sidewalks and bike paths in Wichita? • How do we change that? • How do

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Bike Beautiful Teaser

Bike Beautiful   Reserve your seat today! Tickets are only $10  If you haven’t experienced Bike Beautiful, don’t miss out this year! The Bike Beautiful fashion show will be held on Thursday, March 31st at the Murdock Theatre (536 N. Broadway). Doors will open at 6pm for shopping, mingling and more. The evening will be

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Bike to Work Day Breakfast Stations

FREE breakfast to everyone riding this Friday, May 16th (6:30am-9am)! 6 locations in Wichita: • 2nd Street and Fountain (College Hill) • Near The Keeper of the Plains (Riverside) • Bicycle X-Change (Delano) • Johnson’s Garden Center (West 13th location) • Ark River Path near 21st Street North • Wichita Art Museum


Fall is in the air and it is a great time of year to get out and enjoy nature!  Join us throughout October as we grab our sneakers and go for a walk.  Check out the Walktober website here to download your free community calendar with tons of local attractions, trail maps, events and register

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Pedestrian Master Plan

• Wednesday, September 11th – Pedestrian Facility Design Training 8:00 am – 4:30 pm Wichita City Hall (455 N. Main St), 1st Floor Board Room This is your opportunity to learn about and to discuss successful pedestrian design solutions – including: sidewalk design, crosswalk placement, intersection geometry, signal timing, road diets and other traffic management

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