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Phil Nelson Talk on Alternative Modes of Transportation – Jan 11th

DO YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT “ALTERNATIVE” TRANSPORTATION? The Wichita area EXPERT, Phil Nelson will answer your questions, such as • How are federal dollars allocated locally – highways vs streets vs bikepaths vs sidewalks. • Why don’t we have more sidewalks and bike paths in Wichita? • How do we change that? • How do

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Pedal it in, Pedal it out

Hey ladies! (Yep, it’s ladies only!!) Join us on our bike-camping adventure to Whispering Winds campground this coming weekend. The adventure begins with a 10 mile group ride from the Sedgwick County Zoo to the campground near Valley Center. All skill levels are welcome. Here’s the link to sign up

Calling All Ladies!

Ladies, Bike Walk Wichita has a new committee dedicated to hosting events, rides & workshops just for us!  Check out our Women Bike page under the Get Connected tab.  We have just begun, so if you are interested in joining us or just have ideas let us know!