Local Rides

Looking for a local ride? Our local bike clubs, shops & organizations have you covered! There are rides for everyone, most every day of the week, for all skill levels! ICT Cycling Coalition has a calendar with lots of rides listed. Check out these websites for the latest info on bike rides.

*Know of other rides/shops/organizations that should be on our list?  Let us know!

Favorite Routes around town

Bike Walk Wichita to Prairie Sunset Trailhead. Bike friendly route to the Maize Trailhead. A bit tricky to navigate, this avoids major road as much as possible. Maple Road is bike friendly until near I-235, where the sidepath is the best option. Someday soon we’ll have a rail-trail bridge over the Big Ditch and I-235! Here’s a KMZ and a GPX for various devices.

Redbud Trail to Sante Fe Lake Loop. Great route to unlearn pavement! Starts at Redbud Trail at Woodlawn, which is still gravel. Goes to Butler County, then takes a mix of paved and gravel roads to Sante Fe Lake. Loops around the lake, returns on Tawakoni Road and then back to Redbud. Here’s a KMZ and a GPX for various devices.

23 Mile E Wichita Route. East Wichita bike paths, some 4 lane roads and low traffic 2 lane roads. Here’s a KMZ and a GPX for various devices.

Bike Path Route used by MS Society 9/15 – A nice route along E. Wichita’s Bike Paths, with some roads on the longer route.

Thunder Road – A Wichita Classic, some of the nicest roads in the area, especially Thunder Road near Augusta. GPX and KML versions.

East Wichita to Belle Plaine – A beautiful ride on either route. This map shows both the classic Greenwich Road route (more open 2 lane road) as well as an Oliver route, which is more in town and quite a bit of side streets. Laura’s in Mulvane (halfway there) is a fine spot for breakfast.

East Wichita to El Dorado Lake – A nice ride up to the lake, including a sweet ride up to Sailboat Cove and a climb up the dam to test your legs. Be sure to go all the way to the shelter overlooking the lake, its a refreshing view after the climb.

You can also support Bike Walk Wichita by making a tax-deductible donation and volunteering at Bike Walk Wichita activities.