Pedestrian Workgroup

Walking is by far the most popular form of physical activity in the United States, according to the website, America Walks—but there can be lots more walking! 41% of all trips made in the United States are one mile or less, perfect for a peppy walk. Walking is healthy: 10,000 steps per day, about 5 miles, is a great route to fitness. Tourists walk between hot spots to spend money. Walking is cheap—just shoes.  Walking is flexible—even in wet, extra hot or extra cold weather, folks may find sheltered gyms or malls. Walkers make their neighborhoods safer and friendly.

The Bike Walk Wichita Pedestrian Work Group supports projects such as Walktober with the Sedgwick County Public Health Department and the Wichita Health & Wellness Coalition; Walk Kansas through the Sedgwick County Extension Service; the Walking School Bus at one elementary school; and the creation of the Wichita Pedestrian Master Plan.
The Pedestrian Work Group needs your help, not so much for the occasional fund-raiser, but to advocate, educate and collaborate to increase walking for fun, safety and transportation.


You can view Pedestrian Workgroup meeting notes here. (opens in new window)

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