Grocery Getter Bike Trailer

Bike Walk Wichita hopes to get more people using their bikes for routine transportation. To that end, we are offering this design for a simple “grocery getter” trailer. Parts cost about $20, not counting 16″ kids bike wheels which are commonly available used.

We plan to offer a clinic on building this trailer, and hope to offer a parts kit or fully built trailer.

This presentation details the steps in trailer construction, or download a PDF. You can also see it on Instructables:

If you’d like to sign up for a build clinic, let us know using this form. If there’s enough interest we’ll help people build their own trailer! Our plan is to have an introductory session with the plans, then allow people to build in our shop during our regular open shop times. We’ll have parts available for purchase.

Yes! I’d like to learn to build a trailer.