Bike Walk Wichita volunteers are engaging residents and partners in the Northeast area in biking and walking efforts that will improve conditions and increase the number of people utilizing Wichita’s outdoor spaces and infrastructure. Residents will help identify needs, barriers, and opportunities to improve access for all.
Numerous community partners and local businesses are involved and collaborating on a variety of projects, including many on-going efforts in Northeast Wichita.

Projects already identified:

  • Give away bikes (helmets, light, lock) to kids & promote ReCycle program
  • Host coffee time with seniors to gather input on why they do/don’t walk or ride in their neighborhood. Find out how they move around their city.
  • Partner with health clinics to implement biking/walking interventions
  • Host walks and rides to promote current
  • Host fun, educational events on a variety of topics & interests
  • Partner with a local artist to create a “place-making” project

If you share a passion or mission for improving health, empowering residents, increasing equity and social justice…or just like to ride or walk, join us! or email us at

Here’s photos from the NE ICT neighborhoods: