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Since 2013 Bike Walk Wichita has been the beneficiary of a immensely productive relationship with the clinical- community psychology doctoral program at Wichita State University. Professor Greg Meissen has directed a number of students to work as interns with Bike Walk Wichita. The results have been significant for a nonprofit like Bike Walk Wichita, whose budget for research and development is zero! Here’s a few snapshots our friends from WSU:

Jasmine HarrisJasmineHarris

My name is Jasmine Harris. I am a clinical psychology graduate student at Wichita State University. I was given the privilege of being assigned to work with Bike Walk Wichita for my community practicum. My role was to promote Bike Walk Wichita using social media. This includes getting people involved with more events, advocacy and active transportation as a whole. Hopefully by the end of practicum, membership totals will increase and include a more diverse population.

Sarah Staatssarah

My name is Sarah Staats, and I am a doctoral candidate in Clinical-Community Psychology at Wichita State University. One of my passions is helping people live healthy, vibrant lives through physical activity. This interest led me to intern with Bike Walk Wichita to advocate for bikeability and walkability in the Wichita area. In my capacity-building work with this incredible organization, I helped developed the membership model now in use, created templates to assist in grant-writing, trained leadership in IRS requirements and state incorporation requirements for 501(c)3 organizations, and co-facilitated board training. Most importantly, I made lasting connections with a warm and encouraging community who grew my love for active forms of transportation. The experience of working with BWW was enriching and rewarding (and just plain FUN) in every way: professionally, personally, socially.

You can also support Bike Walk Wichita by making a tax-deductible donation and volunteering at Bike Walk Wichita activities.

What’s new in Collaboration

  • 2018 Strategic Planning - Everyone knows you have better chances of getting where you’re intending to go if you have a map. With so much energy and excitement in the local biking and walking community and within our growing organization, we want your input in helping develop our 2018 Strategic Plan to ensure we are focusing efforts where our

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  • Bike Safety for Women - Bike Safety for Women – Saturday Nov 18th 2-4pm at WSU. Free, but registration is required as this class will fill up. Only 1 ticket per person is allowed. A ticket will be emailed to you for the event. RSVP Please fill in the RSVP confirmation name and email fields. 5 out of 30 available

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  • Register for classes! - We’ve got several classes coming up, register here. Ready to Roll is this Saturday, the 8th at 10am. DIY Bike Trailer is Sunday at 1pm. Lots of other ways to connect, including volunteering for ReCycle. Come see what BWW is all about, see what connections you make here.

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