Hey my bike was stolen!

Hey my bike was stolen!

We take bike theft very seriously, and want to avoid accepting for donation any stolen bike. We’d hate to find out that we’ve given away someone’s bike. So to help avoid that, please take time to fill in the form below with the make, model and serial number of any bike that you know was stolen. We’ll check our inventory of donated bikes and let you know if by chance we run across it.


 Let us know about your stolen bike 

You can also support Bike Walk Wichita by making a tax-deductible donation and volunteering at Bike Walk Wichita activities.

What’s new in Biking

  • Bike Month is fast approaching! -  Check out Bike Month Wichita’s website to keep up with all the great events coming up!   You won’t want to miss the Bike Movie at WAM, the City’s announcement about our new Bike Share Service, and Bike to Work Day
  • Intro to Biking on 3-5 is OPEN TO ALL - The Eagle had a misprint, the 3-5 session of the class is open to anyone, the 4-23 session is the Women’s Only version. Sorry about the confusion. Fake news?
  • Park Tool Grant Received = Increased Outreach! - We are thrilled to accept a grant from Park Tool (professional-grade stands, a set of tools, mechanics manual, etc) that will allow us to provide resources for our volunteers to continue making Wichita a better/safer place to live, work and play for everyone!   As a community-led organization, none of the great work being done

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