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MasterBikePlan_small_2014Bike Walk Wichita is dedicated to furthering the advancement of safe active transportation. Much of the funding for bicycle/pedestrian projects falls within the guidelines of our governmental transportation department and municipal planning authorities. Bike Walk Wichita works to influence our civic and community leaders in their roles towards developing a safer built environment that is inclusive of all types of pedestrians; bicyclists, runners, walkers, children, the handicapped, etc. Click here for contact info for Wichita City Council Members.

Bike Walk Wichita chooses projects to advocate using a democratic process, where members nominate and vote for the projects they’re interested in. Advocacy efforts are generally needs-based, and priority is granted, but not limited, to community impact and urgency.


One of the best ways you can advocate for safer and healthier community is to vote! Follow this link to register to vote and be watching for Bike Walk Wichita’s voter forums as elections are near.

How can you help?

From time to time, Bike Walk Wichita calls on our members and supporters to make their voices known on issues for supporting cyclist and pedestrian causes. Sign up for Advocacy Alerts so you can engage with your civic and community leaders. It can be as simple as sending a letter or email; or you can attend a city council meeting. Whatever the need, your advocacy support can align with our efforts to create positive change in the community. Or you can request a Share the Road sign to increase awareness.

You can also support Bike Walk Wichita by making a tax-deductible donation and volunteering at Bike Walk Wichita activities.

What’s new in Advocacy

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  • Help a Wounded Warrior Restore His Trike! - You may have read about the Veteran whose special racing trike was stolen from his front porch. Luckily, it was recovered, but suffered significant damage. Brian Wilhite served his country and has been training for a special Wounded Warrior event. He missed that event, but with your support he can get back into training quickly.

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