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Bike Walk Wichita strives to create a safer and more active built environment for our community. By encouraging people to enjoy the outdoors through biking, running and walking, Bike Walk Wichita is helping to improve the health of our city. Be sure to check out our Bike 101 page as well as Bike Locally and Walk Locally pages. Consider signing up for one of our Bike Skills classes. You can also download city maps showing bicycle and walking facilities

Bike1[1]And as an increasing number of people participate in biking, running and walking, the need for safety education is on the rise. From raising awareness about state and local laws to encouraging the use of safe and proper equipment, education takes on many different forms.

Bike Walk Wichita promotes safe and smart activity by encouraging cyclists to wear helmets and follow the rules of the road. Motorists and cyclists are reminded of their obligation to Share the Road, and pedestrians are encouraged to use sidewalks and crosswalks.

kids fitting helmetsBut the most important education Bike Walk Wichita promotes is for the youth in our community. The future of our city lies within the generations to come, and Bike Walk Wichita provides a valuable resource for parents, schools, and our community. Healthy and happy kids make a healthy and happy community.

How can you help?

The most valuable resource Bike Walk Wichita can utilize to educate the public is within its members. Taking the time to show a child how to ride a bike safely, or how to get to school using the sidewalks is an important part of our mission. Being out in the built environment helps to raise awareness within our community about the importance of living an active lifestyle.

You can also support Bike Walk Wichita by making a tax-deductible donation and volunteering at Bike Walk Wichita activities.

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  • Bike Safety for Women - Bike Safety for Women – Saturday Nov 18th 2-4pm at WSU. Free, but registration is required as this class will fill up. Only 1 ticket per person is allowed. A ticket will be emailed to you for the event. RSVP Please fill in the RSVP confirmation name and email fields. 5 out of 30 available

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