ReCycle @ Bike Walk Wichita: ReCycle Bikes

ReCycle @ Bike Walk Wichita: ReCycle Bikes!

Help us ReCycle bikes – take donated bikes and get them ready to be donated to people who need a bike!


For the people that ReCycle@ Bike Walk Wichita works with, a bike is not a toy; it is a tool. It is a way to get around quickly and independently.  A bike is a way to get to school, work, and resource centers, and hopefully rise up out of a very difficult situation. Especially for the youth, it is a means to travel without relying on someone who might expect an illicit or illegal favor in return.

We work with various agencies to provide bikes for people who need one, such as the Wichita Police Dept Homeless Outreach Team; United Methodist Urban Ministries; His Helping Hand; Wichita Children’s Home Opportunity Zone; Internation Rescue Committee. Goodwill Industries has been very generous in providing bikes to ReCycle. Anyone can sign up to earn a bike as well, just volunteer at Bike Walk Wichita and we’ll get you rolling.

Sign up for a shift – we’re here every Saturday from 1-4pm and Thursdays 6-8pm. If you are interested in a hands-on way to change someone’s life – maybe even your own – join us during one of our work times. No experience necessary, we have lots of different things to do for people of any skill level. We are starting a basic  bike mechanic course soon if you’d like to improve your skills.
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Application to “Earn a Bike”

If you or someone you know need a bike for transportation, complete this Adopt a Bike application and return it to us either by email or mail. We’ll contact you and arrange for a time to get you started. Even if you don’t feel like you can go the earn a bike route, fill out the form, on a case by case we can provide bikes on request.
If your organization would like to request a number of bikes for your clients, use this Organization Adopt a Bike application.

 Sign up for the ReCycle Workgroup 

If you’d like to get on our ReCycle Volunteers email list, complete the form below and find out the latest news and updates to our ReCycle program.

Hey my bike was stolen! We’ll keep an eye out for it, go here to fill in a form to let us know what to look for.

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