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Outside is our favorite place, of course, for its fresh air, scenery and neighborliness. It’s fun to throw open the door of home or work, church or school, then breathe deeply and start striding to parks, sidewalks, grocery stores, church, around the building—wherever, whenever there’s a few minutes to spare! When weather doesn’t give us pleasure, some folks choose the gym or the mall. We hear a few churches in town share their covered walking tracks. Walking requires little equipment beyond comfortable shoes and when winter sunrises and sunsets get closer together, bright or reflective clothing is safety-smart gear. Walking, especially daily walking, is an easy activity that packs powerful health benefits.

Here are a few special times to walk in Wichita:

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Plan now to enjoy each day of October’s pleasant temperatures with a friend, child, spouse, co-worker, neighbor or pet. You might get hooked! Forming a walking habit is comfortable with the partnership and accountability of friendship, family, neighbors, co-worker or dog. Walking-and-talking is relaxing for mental health and stimulating to body’s health.
A wide collaboration promotes these fresh walking habits in Wichita during October: Bike Walk Wichita, Health & Wellness Coalition of Wichita, Central Plains Area Agency on Aging, Derby Health Collaborative, Greater Wichita YMCA, and Safe Kids Kansas. For more information, visit facebook.com/walktoberwichita. Walktober registration will begin again in September 2016. In 2015 there were random drawings for those who reported their MINUTES of walking (not their miles or steps).

Walk to School Day

image01The first Wednesday of October is celebrated in 40 countries and right here in Wichita as International Walk to School Day. Safe Kids Kansas selects one elementary school at which to celebrate children’s independence, safety and health—but in Wichita 40 schools also encouraged children to walk to school.
Walking School Bus activity. Check the recommendations at http://apps.saferoutesinfo.org/training/walking_school_bus/, then call Bike Walk Wichita.

For more information when October is close, visit facebook.com/walktoberwichita.


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